Incredible Edible: What an incredible end to an incredible year

A group from Oldham visited  and took part in cooking and growing activities
A group from Oldham visited and took part in cooking and growing activities

The growing year is slowing down and we have time to look back on our incredible year, it has been great having the opportunity to work with other groups, be it in hardship during and after the floods all working together to try and get our town and community back on its feet.

Through the summer we also worked with the Canal and Rivers Trust and Todmorden Recovery Centre, this is real community in action.

Over the year we have brought over a thousand visitors to our town for talks and tours, we now always try and build in time to shop in order to support local businesses.

The one thing that has been shown up by our visitors from foreign countries is the need for more accommodation in Todmorden; we find some large groups stay overnight as far away as Manchester, this money that could have been spent here if Todmorden just had places for them.

Our last group to come was much closer to home; they were from the Friends of Stoneleigh Park project Derker in Oldham.

Some were young people who are from the volunteer lead Friday youth project which “If Oldham” support with cooking and growing activities each Friday in the park.

It’s great to be able to show little ones that food actually grows in soil and doesn’t come ready made and wrapped in plastic, we learned a lot from each other.

Now a date for your diary,

On Sunday, November 20 Incredible Edible Todmorden will be holding our Annual Open meeting at 2pm at the Unitarian Church.

Come and join us to hear what we’ve been doing, make suggestions about our plans for the next year and raise a glass to the wonderful town of Todmorden.

All are welcome and if you are thinking about joining our volunteers in any of the things we do, from gardening to cooking, running events or publicity, then come and have a chat.

To comply with our rules both the chair, Mary Clear, and the communications lead Estelle Brown, are standing down.

They have both said they will be standing again, but if you can cope with meetings and want to play an active role in our work then you are welcome to stand as well.

We welcome do-ers rather than talkers so if you have energy and ideas to contribute, look on our website for a nomination form that you can fill in.

And if you have any ideas for new or different things we could do, please share them with us.

Many of the things we do have just one or two people driving them so if you can make a difference we will give all the support we can.

Do come and join us if you can, we would really love to see you