Incredible Edible Todmorden: Visions for Hong Kong and China

The innovative Make a Difference (MaD) Asia organisation have invited Incredible Edible Todmorden to participate in their 2015 Forum.

This takes place in Hong Kong during the last weekend in January and engages with 1,300 young people, or ‘changemakers’, in reimagining ‘ways to reorganise society and our lives with creativity, and solidarity… and how we can build greater resilience towards the economic, social and ecological challenges of our time, and how we can innovate new systems with sharing, respect for one another and other species, and sustainability as our modus operandi’ (

Under this year’s theme of the ‘Village Reimagined’ I will be giving a presentation to around 800 people gathered together in a theatre in the Kowloon area and helping to run two workshops alongside a local artist and an existing HK based group called ‘Time to Grow’.

The aim of the workshops is to create a ‘Temporary Incredible Edible Neighbourhood’ in the area immediately surrounding the Forum Venue. To this end a local event entitled ‘MaD and the Beanstalk’ was held before Christmas, in which local residents planting incredible seeds in Hong Kong and children proud of sowing incredible seeds planted seeds in specially designed wooden pots incredible Hong Kong wooden pots

During the Forum participants will download images of suitable growing spaces around the Forum venue and the best will see new, temporary, growing spaces created by placing these pots, which should be in full sprout by then, into them.

The many hundreds of Forum delegates will also be given a packet of seeds, badged with the IE logo, to take home with them to plant in their gardens, on their balconies and in local spaces.

This event presents and amazing opportunity to spread the Incredible Edible idea, ethos and principles to a huge number of people – some 500 million Chinese now live in cities with very little opportunities to grow their own. Despite the slightly daunting prospect of doing a presentation to such a large gathering, this event will be great fun and what an opportunity!