Incredible Edible Todmorden: Return visits and new tourists

Some of our visitors return every couple of years to see what has changed, so when Incredible Edible Kirkstall came at the beginning of June they were impressed by the new wooden planters at the community college and the super big Asda beds.

The group came for the whole day which meant they could have a tour in the morning and after lunch have a proper shopping afternoon in the markets, every penny our visitors spend in town helps fuel the local economy.

We also had visitors from Australia, France, Germany and Halton near Liverpool. There may soon be a new Incredible Edible as they were fired up to get started creating community herb and veg beds back home in Halton.

We are hoping to soon have new artwork and signage along the incredible growing path, some of it specifically to entertain and educate young children in a fun way.

The children from Kirkstall had a great time finding insects in our mural at library lock and picking chive flowers to eat as they went round; children that visit are always interested and inquisitive and absorb information like a sponge.

There will be a new map too, all this is being pondered on and worked out and once decisions are made, true to our ethos of supporting local businesses everything will be deigned and made by local artists and crafts people.

Meanwhile you can get an incredible map combined with a comprehensive written guide of the town centre growing at Todmorden information centre, or you can download one from our website,

The growing sites are looking good right now but we always need more helping hands especially at this time of year, if you would like to come along and help keep them up to scratch we would love to see you.

Gardening is done the first Sunday of every month from 2pm to 4pm and the third Sunday of every month from 10am to 12 followed by an incredible free lunch for the workers.

We meet at the Unitarian to collect tools before going off to whichever area needs work, so please feel free to turn up one Sunday and join in or email to go on our volunteer mailing list.

It should be a very fruitful summer so be ready to get picking.