Huge success for Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Organisers of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival are hailing this year’s event as another success for the town - and Calderdale.

Crowds lined the streets to take in all the festival had to offer as stacks of events showcased all that is great about Hebden Bridge.

A feast of creativity and quirkiness, locals and visitors alike joined in the fun to make the event, with a theme of ‘The Hills Are Alive’, another one to remember.

Now in its 21st year, the event is one of the longest running arts festivals in Yorkshire, with a reputation for delivering big names in the stunning Calder Valley setting.

And organisers say that the festival, which is months in the making, is a great boost for the town and the borough.

Helen Meller, festival director, said: “I’m absolutely delighted with how it went, the weather held out and we really needed that sun to smile on us.

“People came from outside the area, which can only be a good thing, short term and long term, for businesses.

“Everbody seemed to have bags of shopping whilst walking around, they were eating, sitting outside cafes and drinking in pubs.

“I would be surprised if there wasn’t a really nice, healthy uplift for businesses in the town. Businesses are also getting on board and they are beginning to realise what can be done when we all work together.

“It’s about helping each other out. It’s about putting on things that keep people coming back, it’s the legacy I’m aiming for.

“We want to say to people that Hebden Bridge is like this all the time, and while you’re here there’s lots of other great things going on in Calderdale.

“It really felt this year that we had started to attract people in our local community, while also putting on a really great show, for locals and visitors.

“People have said they really felt the town came together, there’s a massive impact for all the little groups and people feel a part of it.”