Huge response to petition against school funding changes

A petition launched by Halifax MP Holly Lynch against proposed changes to the way schools are funded has been signed by almost 1,000 people.

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 7:49 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:43 am

Ms Lynch claims that while some schools would benefit, four of the five high schools in Halifax, would have their budgets slashed under the Government’s new National Funding Formula (NFF).

The NFF, which is still under consideration, is intended to address disparities in school funding between different schools and regions.

Ms Lynch said: “I have been inundated with messages from parents concerned about these cuts and the massive response to my petition shows the strength of local opposition.

“I am really concerned that the underfunding of education will do nothing to improve the opportunities available to the next generation, and the quality of education is already starting to suffer.

“Labour are opposed to the cuts and I am pleased to see that a number of Tory MPs are also calling on the Government to rethink the funding of education. I am still hopeful that we could force a rethink.”

Kirsty McGregor, whose sonattends the Crossley Heath School, which could lose out under the formula, said: “If these cuts are implemented, I will seriously have to consider which school to send my daughter to, when it is her turn for secondary school choices, to give her the best choices and support.”

Responding to a written question from Ms Lynch, Education Minister Nick Gibb defended the new funding formula, saying: “Our proposals for funding reform will mean that schools and local authority areas will, for the first time, receive a consistent and fair share of the schools budget, so that they can give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.”