How a guide dog is trained

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Mr Phillip Moran spoke abouit Guide Dogs for the Blind to Mytholmroyd Methodist Women’s Club at Mytholmroyd Methodist Church.

Two puppy dog walkers, Kath and Jackie, and their dogs were with him.

He explained dogs start their training when they are eight weeks old and are allowed in shops and supermarkets where other dogs are not.

This is to train them to be aware of other people and to be aware of obstacles when they are out on the roads.

At 14 months old they are taken to a training school at Bolton before going to a person with impaired vision, Mr Moran explained.

There are 1,500 puppies in training and more than 4,000 working guide dogs at this moment in time.

The organisation was started during the First World War. It is not funded by the Government but by charitable donations.

It costs something like £46,000 for each dog to be trained, fed and for its veterinary healthcare throughout its working life, said Mr Moran.

Julie Taylor presided over the meeting.