Hebden Royd Town Council show support for #ItsOkToTalk and Andy’s Man Club

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Hebden Royd Town Council showed its support for an initiative which aims to get men talking about their mental health.

At a full council meeting on Wednesday night, members showed their support for ‘Andy’s Man Club’, set up by Halifax rugby league player Luke Ambler.

They wore the slogan t-shirts for the full meeting and made the signature ‘ok’ sign which has been taking the internet by storm, as people post pictures with the hashtag #ItsOkToTalk.

Luke set up the club and Twitter campaign after his brother-in-law Andrew took his own life.

He was determined to make a difference to encourage men to talk about their mental health. The campaign has since gone global and the Fax star, 26, wants to see clubs start across the country - and the world.

For more information about Andy’s Man Club and how you can show your support visit www.andysmanclub.co.uk.

You can also donate at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/andysmanclub-itsokaytotalk to support Luke’s bid to raise money for the clubs.