Hebden Boundary Walk is cancelled - for the time being

Checkpoint: Taking a breather at a previous boundary walk. The club supports many local, national and international causes

Declining numbers taking part in the annual Hebden Bridge Boundary Walk mean the 2017 event was the last - for the time being.

Organisers Hebden Bridge Rotary Club say they have taken the decision to cancel the event with reluctance following a recent meeting of its fundraising committee, but the decision will be reviewed in a year’s time.

“Over the past few years we have experienced declining numbers on our annual Hebden Bridge Boundary walk. The decision was a difficult one - it is a very enjoyable event to run and we are very aware that it is very popular amongst a very loyal band of supporters,” said a spokesmsan.

“This year’s event unfortunately attracted the lowest number of participants on record, despite reasonable weather and an increased advertising campaign, resulting in a small profit to distribute to the many charities and good causes we support. We are competing against an ever-increasing choice and availability of outdoor events. The walk takes many man hours to set up prior to the event and on the walk day itself. We are frequently complimented on the efficient organisation of our event. The general consensus from club members was that those man hours could be better utilised on alternate fund-raising events or put into our two successful events, the Duck Race and Vintage Weekend.

“The decision will be reviewed again next year and if there is sufficient interest in reviving the event we will certainly consider it. The Rotary Club would like to say a huge thank you to those who have participated in the walk in previous years and for their very kind comments. We hope we can count on your support for our other events.”

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