Trust commended for supporting new mums

Jenny Oldroyd, with new mum Laura McCarthy and daughter Ada
Jenny Oldroyd, with new mum Laura McCarthy and daughter Ada

Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust (CHFT) has been re-accredited by UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

The UK Baby Friendly Initiative is based on a global accreditation programme of UNICEF and the World Health Organisation.

Designed to support breastfeeding and parent infant relationships by working with public services to improve standards of care, CHFT became the first accredited Baby Friendly trust in the region in 2002.

The re-accreditation report said “The staff at Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust are commended for their hard work over the last two years

in continuing to support mothers. It was very clear to the assessors that supporting the implementation of the Baby Friendly standards is a high priority

within the unit and support for the project from all levels of management was evident.”

CHFT provide two free of charge drop-in Baby Cafés each week run by skilled with the help of volunteers and peer supporters.

They are designed to provide both social support and expert help to mothers with breastfeeding questions or concerns.

Always attended by a qualified midwife or lactation consultant from the trust, the cafés are held in an informal environment, with refreshments, comfortable

seating and play areas for accompanying children.

New mum Rachel Howarth from Stainland Dean attends the Baby Café on Thursdays at Baby Ballet in Halifax.

Rachel said: “I have had so much support since Verity was born and I struggled to feed her. The team have given me loads of advice and encouragement when I have been close to tears and wanted to give up.”

Jenny Oldroyd, Volunteer Peer Supporter, juggles two part-time jobs as well as giving her spare time to support new mums.

She added: “For me it’s about making a difference one mum at a time. I have been there myself, breastfeeding my own child, so wanted to share my own experience using the training I’ve had for the role of Breastfeeding Peer Supporter.

“I can’t help everyone, but I really hope I make a big difference to the new mums that I support at the Baby Café. And if that helps them breastfeed their

babies for longer, which is important to them, then I feel like I am helping them feel better about themselves.”

More information about Baby Cafés can be found at