Halifax firm joins fight against Ebola outbreak

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A Halifax healthcare firm is burning the midnight oil in the fight against Ebola outbreak.

Equipment manufacturers Sidhil, based at Holmfield, has joined the international efforts to bring the disease under control in Africa.

With extra shifts operating and manufacturing processes at capacity, the company is working flat out to produce over 1600 special beds and mattresses due to be sent out to Sierra Leone in just two weeks’ time.

The call came this week from the Department for International Development, now coordinating the work to provide medical supplies to help contain the Ebola virus epidemic.

As the only volume manufacturer of hospital beds in the UK, Sidhil was the obvious choice for the supply of beds and mattresses.

The company has mobilised all resources to produce this volume of equipment in a very short space of time, to meet specific requirements.

“This is a real logistical challenge, requiring a special bed that could be produced economically and at high speed, as well as mattresses welded and sealed to help with infection control,” said Sidhil’s managing director James Ibbotson.

“We’ve had immense support from our raw material suppliers too to ensure that we could meet demanding delivery deadlines. These products are needed now to help save lives, and we’re proud to be able to play a part in the relief operation.”

With time of the essence, Sidhil is working around the clock in time for shipment by charter aircraft out to Sierra Leone in October.