Couple’s five years of joy with ‘little miracle’

Sarah and  Mick Hanks with theri five year old daughter Isabella who was born with the help of IVF.
Sarah and Mick Hanks with theri five year old daughter Isabella who was born with the help of IVF.

A married couple are celebrating the fifth year with their little miracle in their lives during local Fertility Awareness Week.

Sarah and Mick Hanks, of Northowram, who met 13-years-ago, didn’t expect to have a child of their own.

Mick, 48, who has two children from a previous relationship, underwent a vasectomy operation in 1995 - to mark his 30th birthday.

The couple realised they wished to share the experience of parenthood and Mick’s vasectomy operation was successfully reversed in 2006.

But, it wasn’t as easy to conceive as the couple had presumed it would be.

Mick humorously tells his wife his fertility analogy, she said.“The count wasn’t particularly low. Mick says instead of swimming his sperm was on a sunbed having a tequila sunrise,” said 45-year-old Sarah.

After IVF treatment at Calderdale Royal’s assisted conception unit, it was a case of third time lucky for the couple.

“We underwent the heartache of two failed attempts - when the test is a negative; your world comes crashing down. But we kept on going and through it all the hospital staff were marvellous.”

Mick and Sarah, who was pregnant with twins, sadly lost one boy twin at 38 weeks in pregnancy, in 2009.

Now, they say when it’s five-year-old Isabella’s birthday, they remember Louis and say they are thankful for the joy they have found in their daughter who is in year one at Northowram Primary School and enjoying the start of her academic life.

Mick said: “It isn’t always easy and it is not always straight forward but Isabella proves it was worth it - she’s our little miracle.”

Between October 27 - November 2, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust’s fertility experts are answering questions on fertility via email. Following popular interest, the Trust announced, this week, it will continue to operate the email service after the week-long campaign.

Consultant gynaecologist DrMartin de Bono said: “The week is aimed at enabling people to voice their questions in a confidential manner on an issue that affects one in six couples.” Put your questions to the team by emailing