A clot busting booost

Isabel and Thomas Greenwood, who live in Cragg Vale
Isabel and Thomas Greenwood, who live in Cragg Vale

Patients’ who suffer strokes can now get “clot busting” drugs which can reduce the episode’s disabiling effects 24 hours a day.

The new treatment, which has to be completed via a drip within three hours of suffering an episode for patients over 80 and within 4.5 hours for the under 80s, is available at Calderdale Royal Hospital from a specialist stroke team.

Consultant Stroke Physician Dr Pratap Rana said: “For the drug to work it is crucial patients are brought to the hospital quickly. Hence, it is important for the public to identify the signs of stroke immediately and ask for an emergency ambulance as soon as possible. If patients come to us within the three hours of onset of symptoms and the clot busting drug given, it can make all the difference to their lives and to the impact of stroke.”

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

Retired finance company director, Thomas Greenwood, 78, from Cragg Vale, suffered a stroke but made a full recovery within four days, partly because his wife Isabel remembered the FAST test - F – has their face fallen? A – can they raise their arms? S – is their speech slurred? T – time to call 999.