Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Tom and team staying on top of the trends

Stylist Tom Mallinson
Stylist Tom Mallinson

Trevor Harding’s focus is on sales, any business’s true indicator of success.

“I believe Stone Hair Art’s success comes from a strong combination of ambition, creativity, innovation and talent. We offer a spectacular spectrum of affordable packages. We are not a ‘Jack of all trades’, our focus is cut, colour and glamour.

“We specialise in the latest products, innovations and techniques, and stay away from the gimmicky stuff. Our team is committed to staying on top of current trends.

“We mentor to perfection which means constant training. Since fashion evolves you are never done training no matter who you are or how long you’ve been in business; continual training is paramount if you want to keep up with the developments of hair and beauty science.

“Tom’s a perfect example. His passion for the latest trends is the perfect match for companies like Wella Professional science developments in colour. His skill with colour is amazing. He seeks out the latest innovations before they hit the market, and clients line up for his colour combinations and his sharp, clean and effortless cuts. Loucas is excited about Tom’s future and anyone who sees Tom’s work understands why; ‘meticulous’ personified,” he said.

Tom has very high expectations of himself and his industry. “We always applaud brands for showing ability to innovate, like Wella Professional,” he says.

“These companies spend a large amount of money and time researching global trends covering everything from fashion movements to technology and design.

“I personally find that Wella has successfully predicted some very important trend movements in the hair industry with flawless accuracy right down to timing the perfect launch for an innovative product.

“We’re experiencing resurgence in spending capacity but people still seek out the best value for their money.”

Tom says clients want more options in terms of the colour, cut and homecare, the kind of colour they can have, the variation of colour longevity and the palette available to them.

Fellow stylists Jenny and Charlotte agree, cue the age of muted pastels and grungy, lived in colour, inspired by the high fashion anti-heroes like Chloe Nurgard.

The team recently had extensive training with Wella for the launch of their new semi-permanent colour, “Instamatic”.

Jenny says: “We’re very excited with this fantastic new extension from the Wella Colour Touch range. It is a wonderful tool to add to our product portfolio.

“This colour is a true semi-permanent. It lasts 8–10 washes, so it’s great for clients who are experimental.”