Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art, Todmorden - Spring brings a riot of colour, smoothly styled

A riot of spring styles, as Stone Hair Arts sets the pace with Colour Express
A riot of spring styles, as Stone Hair Arts sets the pace with Colour Express

Hair consultations with qualified caring professionals can result in important information and lead to discovering early health indicators of hair, scalp, skin and social conditions gone amuck.

It can be the first station of defence and success in turning things around.

An honest consultation is not a sales pitch on products to take home; it’s an honest evaluation bridging what

you have and what you want.

There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter approach” to hair consultations. A hair salon can be many things to many different people; but one thing is universal about your time in a salon; it’s a place for self-expression. Todmorden is a crossroads of the north, and it’s demonstrative and diverse in its expression, especially in spring.

Crossroad towns experience a vibrant mix of people from north and south, east and west. Hair salons in Todmorden see their share of diversity because of this.

As times and seasons change, hairstyles and colours change, renewing themselves age after age. Elegance, boldness, bareness, brashness all have a place at the crossroads,

Hair styles have come and gone for centuries in Todmorden, some more than once.

Now Loucas Giorgio, owner of Stone Hair Art, across from the Todmorden Town Market, believes we’ve seen colour go the full circle: “Hair was very colourful when I started back in the 70s, then it became more conservative in the 80s and 90s, but now it’s gone back to people experimenting. It’s refined, expressive, and raw all at once, fabulous!”

Loucas has been at the cutting edge of global fashion for most of his professional life, spanning some of the most creative modern periods of British fashion. Now this period of spectacular British fashion is in high demand again.

He said: “People are more individual now and it’s become more acceptable internationally to walk down the road with fire red, neon green or electric blue hair!”

Loucas is one of the few hairdressers acknowledged for artistic excellence in both cut and colour. For his clients he does both, himself.

What’s even more unusual is that his stylists are trained to work this way also.

He said: “Most people specialise in one or the other so clients get passed around, back and forth between cutters and colour specialists, and if these two professionals aren’t in sync that day, it can fragment your look.

“Our approach achieves harmony, and we think the results look more natural.

“Each Stone Hair Art stylist is trained to take their client on a seamless transition through cut and colour; a complete journey in sync with the client’s very personal sense of self-expression.

“People are surprised when we tell them this is how we work; they love the results with one stylist handling their transformation from start to finish.

“I actually think our success lies in breaking the mould.”

Perhaps that edge comes from Stone’s ability to balance celebrity looks and practical daily style. It’s a delicate balance in a commuter town.

Some require “last minute” solutions with no time to spare, others want extensive styling and conditioning which requires more time spent pampering, treating scalp, hair and colour after a harsh winter exposure; a hair salon is different things for different people.

Hairstyles and fashions change seasonally as we all know and no one wants to look “left behind”.

How do you know what’s trending, what’s hot and what’s not? Stylist-client relationships are built on trust about theseintimate things.

According to stylist Tom, the personal touch requires taking time with a client during consultation to establish what they really want, and by controlling both cutting and colouring he can guide the results more carefully.

“The colour for this season has been deconstructed to its purist level; it’s so new and exciting!

“We spent a lot of time preparing to service this look. Lots of white was seen on the red carpets and catwalks for this award season. This style of colouring fits in perfectly,” he said.

Jenny, another Stone star, has been developing more natural techniques for this trend as well. She suggests applying the same colour to roots and lowlights for variation.

She said: “Polished understated colour placed on soft natural looking hair is the key to this ‘must have right now’ trend.”

Charlotte and Millie love the fast colour approach to hair. They say: “Stone Hair Art is leading the way with our ‘Colour Express’. We’ve all heard of a ‘blow dry bar’, ‘brow bar’ and ‘nail bar’ right? With ‘Colour Express’ you can have professional colour service in less than an hour and make it to the cocktail bar!”

In a world accelerating i.e. faster signal reception, faster downloads, faster service everywhere, ‘Express Colour’ fills the need. It’s faster professional hair colour.