Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art, Todmorden - An expressway to your heart

Trevor Harding business director at Stone says one of the ways he implements this new time saving strategy is to be specific during consultations.

“For example a ‘Brighter Lights’ appointment is eight foils and no more, which takes less time, whereas Instamatic Semi Permanent’ is perfect for toning blondes and perfect for grey hair, but requires a bit more time, as does ‘Glossing Demi Permanent’ which refreshes your existing colour with gloss and shine,” he said.

Trevor is a walking encyclopaedia and knows the technology for today is the technology that saves you time as well as money, even when it comes to colouring your hair.

“Having very specific terminology sets clear expectations from the outset.

“If during the consultation it becomes apparent that the client wants a different result we can steer them to a

service more bespoke to their needs, purse and time.”

Trevor stays informed on the scene of colour innovation: “Colour Express is not only fabulous for the client with

time constraints, it offers something new for home colour devotees as well; quick ‘Colour Express’ tone-ups tide clients over until it’s time for their full colour appointment.”

Wow, saves your time and saves your money. Well, its spring, and whatever you decide a hair salon is to you, either a quick stop for speedy solutions or extended day for spa like pampering, it’s spring time and we deserve to blossom.