Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Summer experiences harvested, we’re shaping styles for the new season

Stylish times
Stylish times

Loucas Giorgio of Stone Hair Art in Todmorden, made a startling admission the other day.

“After traveling abroad this summer, I was so glad to come back to Todmorden,” he said. “I want to hear all the stories from clients’ adventures this summer. Yes, I did visit other salons while I was away and I brought back lots of new ideas. I love this time of year, and I’m offering a whole new palette of concepts, colours and styles to add to the festivities.”

We all agree, September is a “welcome back” month, a month with lots of stories about summer adventures.

It’s also a month for preparation and getting back on track.

Loucas elaborates on his point: “All over the world September is the gateway month to holidays the whole world celebrates. Fashion is a very big part of it. As 2015 rolls into view I believe a rebirth of glamour will command centre stage.”

Loucas says that in the Calder Valley, the summer of 2014 will be remembered as hot, sunny, and world famous yellow for one of the best Tour de France races ever!

“I hope we have a dozen more summers just like it but now it is almost over and now we move on to a different time of year; a time for fresh new colours and textures.

“September has a long standing tradition as harvest time, essential to a community, sustaining strength as we start to think about the essentials for the new season ahead; the autumn solstice.

“The Celts celebrated September with harvest festivals, their seventh month, the perfect month. September didn’t get shifted into being the ninth month until Gregorian changes refined the Roman calendar into what we use today. But hundreds of years of tradition cannot be wiped away so easily, and ancient September continues in spite of the change.

“The earlier Roman calendar named this month of the year ‘seven’ because it coincided with the seventh astrological sign Libra, symbolised by scales of balance.”

During harvest, balanced scales assured everyone was treated fairly. Balance has always been an important aspect of life, even fashion life. The scales became the sign of perfect justice, and seven the number of perfection in many different religions or cultures, said Loucas.

“Seven is the number of wholeness, completion, and by traditional implication the end of one period and the beginning of something new. It’s a time to celebrate, with new styles of clothes, new schools, new business ventures, and new social events; while our hills and valleys are given a makeover of newly fallen coloured leaves,” he said.

Meanwhile, what did Loucas and his team discover on their own summer travels?

Loucas, who is artistic director and founder of Stone Hair Art said: “Everyone is revisiting the classics. Long luxurious waves of thick curls were everywhere I looked.

“Women’s hair styles, even on the beaches, were glamorous and sophisticated. It’s a rebirth of the classic Venus beauty, the type you might find on Mount Olympus or in Monaco.

“Confident classic elegance is in, and we found a way to make it fit you and your budget; it’s something you can be part of this season. Looks which were cool, raw, and sometimes vulgar and crude in the past few years have outlived their shelf life.

“The new look celebrates the fragile elegance of life.”

Tom, Stone Hair Art stylist supreme and colour specialist had this to offer: “I noticed all the sun kissed highlights on hair this summer, mostly the look says ‘I spent hours on my private beach in Rio, and on my yacht at the Ritz in Cayman playing tennis in the blazing sun’.

“The sun kissed look subtly races along tips and edges of the hair, as if the sun bleached it; a must for international travel.

“I imagine this trend will continue even into the winter, perhaps with a little holiday sparkle blended to spark the season”.

Loucas felt it was great to travel, and even better to share it all with creative friends, developing their own styles from the experiences. A lot more ideas floated around the afternoon they met up again.

And Stone’s number one female stylist, Jenny, just returned from Mexico has some interesting observations to share.

If you stop in and hear what Loucas and the team have on offer this autumn maybe you’ll end up with a new style of your own and new adventures to share as well.