Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Keep it short, colour it cool and add some ‘me time’ for 2015

Loucas Giorgio, of Stone Hair Art
Loucas Giorgio, of Stone Hair Art

Want a “fresh” appeal in 2015? You couldn’t be blamed for expecting a universal “YES PLEASE!”.

Who wouldn’t welcome some fresh vibrancy in the New Year?

Loucas Giorgio, of Stone Hair Art in Todmorden, created a stir across Calder Valley recently when his salon won runner-up in the contest for “Salon of the Year 2014”.

Now he intends to tone up 2015 with delicious offerings of Jaded Mint, Smokey Amethyst, Muted Mauve, Ocean storm and Pink Dream. Why not?

Loucas is passionate about what’s hot and what’s not in 2015, and he says the key words are “keep it short…colour it cool”.

As artistic director, he’s on a mission. “Do something daring and empowering with your cut and colour this year.

“Add varied pastel tones to your lightened hair for more dramatic results. Add colour tones to your natural white or greying hair and give it new dimension and life.

“Our new tones and fabulous cuts will keep you ahead of this year’s accelerating fashion curve.”

Loucas speaks softly: “We have a simple formula. Give people more than they expect! More power, more respect, more creativity, more value, and most importantly more graciousness .

“For me, ‘giving back’ is part of being gracious. It’s been a big part of our year; in 2014 we sponsored our own charity, with a raffle for Incredible Farm and supported five other large charity events including UCC and others. Clients appreciate helping the community in some small way.

“We are also giving back to our clients through lower priced packages for the New Year, for instance starting in January we now offer a new wash and style with blow dry for only £15.

“Glamour is affordable with packages like these; perfect for last minute preparations without breaking the bank. It’s fun, it’s affordable and quickly sharpens your image.”

Staff member Charlotte says quick colour solutions are also on offer, “The speed and efficiency of Instamatic, a new line from Wella, will add semi-permanent colour and the process is quick, just about 20 minutes and very affordable”.

Twinkling eyes speak volumes as Jenny, colour and style specialist, suggests there’s more to this plan than meets the eye.

“We really pamper our customers. We spend time helping them realise their goals. Our personal consultation helps each client save money by restoring the natural beauty of their hair.”

Loucas supports what Jenny is saying: “It’s about really caring deeply about our clients. I’ve seen the damage done over decades by people applying the wrong products for their hair and scalp type. Everyone does it; buy off the shelf and over time they all see the effect.

“Sometimes too much damage has been done for simple off the shelf solutions, but we know how to repair long term damage.”

At this point one of Loucas’s loyal clients entered the conversation: “But the pampering is a big thing and most don’t know how to do it. It’s not just the hair care and style; its feeling genuinely cared for by a professional who took the time and made it an enjoyable experience.

“With Loucas I’ve regained something important to me, what I call ‘my time’.

“I remember as a young woman going to the salon in the 60s with my mum every Saturday. All the neighbourhood ladies would congregate at the local beauty parlour every Saturday and I loved being part of it.

“These ladies would treat themselves weekly to a wash, a rinse and a blow dry. Most, like my mum, saved seven and six in a weekly envelope. It was our little piece of heaven, our treat and my mum, my sisters and I always enjoyed it together.”

Today the elegance and fun has been replaced with mechanical off the shelf colour. But who assesses the long term impact of these colours? We aren’t limited in choices, just quality. Professional salons offer much better quality.

“My hair feels thick, it’s full, and it stays looking great. There’s no colour build up, so the colour looks fresh and real. I love it, I feel pampered.”

Loucas fills in the big picture: “Forty years ago women didn’t have shelf after shelf of colour labels claiming its easy look like the lady on the package, no skill required!

“Now clients are wiser. Sadly a ‘fast food’ approach to personal hair care sacrifices your hair’s health along with the relaxation and fun of a professional salon.

“Saturday afternoons were dedicated to everything completely and utterly feminine and glamorous; glamour is great therapy. We’re bringing it back.”

The client adds: “When you walked by the salons in those days you could feel the excitement, you could smell it and hear it with all the delightful salon smells and sounds of the time.

“You felt you earned it, hair care wasn’t a chore it was a celebration. You always left feeling like you looked glamorous.

“There was no consistency with off the shelf products, you’re good for a fortnight but then you have to do it all over again. That adds up faster than the residue left on your hair.

“I want my hair to last, look natural, and feel alive, that’s why I made the switch from off the shelf products to Loucas and his team; they make glamour fun and affordable.”

Loucas has a winning philosophy.

“A total approach to hair beauty means thinking ahead,” he said. “Clients want to keep it fresh, not just in the New Year but ALL year.

“We keep a global perspective on fashion. We make sure our clients stay fabulous and feel pampered without spending a fortune.

“Our salon is a happy place, maybe that’s why we won runner up Salon of the Year, even though we are so small.”