Hair and Beauty with Stone Hair Art: A passion for life - and their craft

Stone Hair Art stylist Jenny
Stone Hair Art stylist Jenny

The buds on my cherry tree will soon be blossoms; tiny petals of white and pink will fill the forecourt, a dramatic accent against a stone grey background of the winter just passed.

By the next full moon the equinox will have blessed our hills with all the delightful signs of spring.

A time to show our passion for life

A time to show our passion for life.

I’ve witnessed this miracle of nature colouring herself a dozen times since moving to Calderdale, and each is as exciting and refreshing as the first.

When it comes to passion, Todmorden seems to be at the heart of it all.

We are filled with entrepreneurs who find their thread and weave their dreams.

The town was recently news worthy in pointing out the delinquent spots around our lovely town which have failed to be groomed properly.

It happens.

We forget what we have, we take things for granted and let things get out of hand and our image decays.

These abandoned eyesores about town were decorated like coloured ribbons in our hair with clothes lines of brightly coloured ladies’ pants; bloomers of a different sort.

Yet even as a sign of protest, from our town’s most passionate people, it added a bit of colour and life to an area delinquent in its civic duty to stay groomed. If they hadn’t who would have?

Are there benefits to proper grooming?

There must be since all of nature sees to it so religiously.

Humans all have unique periods of stratum corneum turnover, which helps to keep the scalp hydrated, and that of course is crucial to your hair and it happens like clockwork.

“Hydration is necessary for healthy hair, and the biggest culprits are the off-the-shelf-products which can interrupt your hair’s natural cycles.

“Your hairdresser monitors your skin’s condition throughout the year and we consult with all our clients to keep their scalp healthy to promote natural shine,” says Jenny, one of Stone’s fine stylists.

“One of the benefits of going to a salon like ours is we are very aware of the individual health aspects of your hair and scalp, we prevent problems before they have a chance to impact your health.”

“Grooming makes you feel good, cared for, it’s an important part of feeling human!” says Loucas Giorgio, owner and artistic director of Stone Hair Art, who is passionate about grooming as an artistic expression of oneself.

“Grooming has a lot to do with how we perceive each other, especially when we are young.

“It’s hard to enjoy a sense of community, when you look or feel like an outsider, no matter what your age.

“It’s OK to be original, even cutting edge, but dishevelled apparently never works out well for anyone.

“Today’s choices are superb, and crafting a mix of the latest technology with the ancient tried and tested techniques means there is something to fit the budget for everyone.”

Trevor Harding, manager of Stone Hair Art, says the salon is constantly seeking out the fine balance between updated trends, products and services and keeping it all accessible with friendly northern prices.

“We want to make sure there is a path forward for everyone this spring, and our unique approach to pricing affords everyone an opportunity to refresh their look and maintain that freshness all summer long within their personal budget. Step in for a free consultation and find out what we can do for you.”

One of the strategies is to find talent driven by the same passion as the salon’s founder, Loucas.

“When you work with Loucas there is no such thing as ‘good enough’. It’s either perfect or done again, we don’t do ‘almost’,” says Charlotte, one of the new members of staff, and a star in the making.

Loucas says: “Charlotte would do hair even if she was stranded on a desert island, it’s in her blood, and she has a real passion for it!”

It’s that passion that Loucas looks for when selecting his staff; it’s a process that few can stand up to.

Tom, who is now in his third year with Stone Hair Art, says: “You’re in the midst of mastery and that inspires you to study what’s new, dig deeper and raise your standards higher than the rest.

“We are n’t afraid to try new things here; we encourage our customers to challenge us by thinking bolder.”

How wonderful to express one of the most beautiful parts of being human, the ability to colour, shape and share an expression of ourselves and our delightful passion with spring, with each other.