Hair and Beauty with Stone Hair Art: A certain cut in mind? Start growing it now...

Now is the time to prepare, says Stone Hair Art salon manager Trevor Harding
Now is the time to prepare, says Stone Hair Art salon manager Trevor Harding

As we put away the sun drenched lounger and bring out our apple press, we prepare for autumn also.

September is nature’s signal; our traditional holiday season is only 90 days away, one year’s ending and another’s new beginning.

“Now is when the preparations begin for those of us who like to stay ahead of the game,” according to Trevor Harding, manager of Stone Hair Art, on Burnley Road, Todmorden, across from the market.

“If you want long glamorous curls cascading down your neck on New Year’s Eve 2015 you have to decide now; start growing those flowing locks now. If you intend to have a

different look in the New Year, something startling, stunning, show-stopping, start thinking about it now.

“Fashion is a fast paced business and we know what colours and styles will be worn six months from now, so to us New Year is just around the corner.

“September is like half-time in the fashion industry, it’s mid-year and time to make needed corrections to keep on track for the next big one, the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

“Fashion is glamorous at that time of year and glamorous always takes months of preparation.”

Trevor provides a glimpse behind the scenes. “Some clients start booking way ahead to avoid last minute crunches to their life style. Most have special style and colour requests and after summer damage, we want their hair healthy so we start special treatments now to prepare their hair,” he said. “It’s great because clients come back from all over with stories of their summer holidays and things they saw with new styles and new trends they might like to try on in the new year”.

According to Trevor, the early bird still gets the worm. A lot can be done in 90 days. Lots of people set new goals now, well before the New Year; giving themselves plenty of time to create a new vision for the season ahead.

“In my opinion the ability to reinvent ourselves like the seasons do, is one of our greatest human traits. Muhammed Ali, the American Boxing champion once said ‘if you are the same at fifty

years old as you were at thirty years old, you’ve wasted twenty years’. There are lots of ways of reinventing or presenting a new version of you, and seeing is believing; when you look different most people assume you are different; some will even treat you differently and that can be really refreshing.

“Why not harvest that freshness for the new season ahead? We can reinvent ourselves, just like September was reinvented. We can change our look, or our mood or both without losing the essence of who we are. When you change your mind about your look, you can change your life, maybe even to a meaningful extent. Admittedly it has its limitations, you can’t defy gravity, and changing your mind won’t make you weightless.

“But, within reason change is a sound strategy for keeping fresh, coping with life and moving ahead in a new way. Do something new for yourself; a lighter glaze in your hair, a style that brings more life and excitement to your look and you will add vitality to your day.

“Sometimes a makeover, just like the one nature provides our valley, is just the thing. Imagine if someone who lacked confidence for whatever reason, could reinvent a more assertive style for themselves and express a more confident self, just because of a makeover.

“Makeovers are very effective and with confidence building it’s the end result that counts.

“With fashion, when it comes to finding a way to feel revitalised, the ends, at least in fashion, do justify the means.”