Grandma’s dying wishes came true

Kimberley Walters and new born daughter Erin at Grove Street, Bolton Brow.
Kimberley Walters and new born daughter Erin at Grove Street, Bolton Brow.

A mother was granted her dying wishes - to meet her granddaughter and to walk her daughter down the aisle.

After discovering her mother didn’t have long left to live, heart broken Kimberley Walters, 29, of Sowerby Bridge, was induced ahead of her baby’s due date so she could meet baby Erin before she passed away.

Ann Walters, 70, of Luddendenfoot, died at Overgate Hospice, on May 28, of secondary breast cancer after being diagnosed in October last year.

It was Ann’s dying wishes to see her daughter, Gemma Monaghan, marry her husband Christopher on April 17 and to meet her new grandchild.

Mum of 10-year-old Chloe, Kimberley, gave birth to her second daughter on May 24, 24 hours later she and partner Ben Crowther took Erin to Overgate to meet her mum.

“She was over the moon and beamed with joy. Erin fell to sleep as she held her in her arms, they both looked so content - it was so special.”

Other patients on the ward all gathered to meet the visiting baby girl.

Kimberley said giving birth and losing her mother has been an emotional roller coaster.

“I’m just so happy my mum got to meet Erin - now I can say she met her grandma and keep her memory alive.

“My mother was my best friend and I hope that I have the same relationship with my girls.”

Mrs Walters was the wife of Ronnie, 83, and mother to son Ian. She had worked as a secretary at Dean Clough, Halifax.

The funeral of Ann Walters will take place at Valley Funeral Service, Hebden Bridge, onto Park Wood crematorium, ending at The Maypole, Warley, on June 9.