Gipsies committed moorland murder, claim

LENNIE Fulbirg, the child abuser whose headless torso was found on moorland above Hebden Bridge, was murdered by gipsies, a court was told.

Graham Haylett, one of two people accused of the murder, said travellers had told him Fulbirg was a “perv” and had said: “He will not be doing owt again.”

Haylett (40), of Wilson Wood Street, Batley, denies murdering Fulbirg. He also denies perverting the course of justice.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Haylett, who had begun an affair with Mr Fulbirg’s lover, Tracey Cameron in 1996, was approached by the travellers on two occasions who told him Mr Fulbirg was a “perv”.

Haylett’s co-accused Cameron (40) of Dunsford Avenue, Bradford also denies murdering Fulbirg, the father of her youngest daughter.

The court heard two of Haylett’s previous lovers whom he had cheated on with Cameron, made statements claiming Haylett had admitted killing Mr Fulbirg because they were upset about his infidelity.

He said Patricia Hughes, now dead told police Haylett had taken her to Oxenhope Moore to dump a plastic bags which allegedly contained Fulbirg’s remains.

Mr Bayliss said: Have you ever told anybody that Lennie Fulbirg is chopped up on the moors?” Haylett replied : “No I have not”.

The jury heard Haylett began a relationship with Carrie Webster in 2003 but later rekindled his sexual relationship with Cameron and took explicit photographs of her. He claims Miss Webster made the statement because she was upset about the pictures.

“Is there any truth in this allegation you had some involvement in the death of Lennie Fulbirg? asked Mr Bayliss. Haylett: “No there is not. “

David Mitchell, a taxi driver from Bradford, told the jury that sometime before December 9 1996, he saw Mr Fulbirg at 147 Snooker Club in Bradford.

Guy Kearl QC for Cameron asked: “Are you sure you saw Leonard Fulbirg?”

Mr Marshall replied: “ I am 100 per cent positive.”

Another defence witness Arthur Watson Woodhead, who was related to Mr Fulbirg through marriage, said he saw him as he was driving out of Brighouse to the M62 in the months leading up to December.

He said Mr Fulbirg was with another man and was standing at the back of the truck.

He added that the sighting was prior to a Crimewatch UK appeal shown in December but could not give an exact date.

“There is no doubt that was Leonard,” he said.

James Goss QC, prosecuting, asked Cameron in cross-examination; “This was all planned wasn’t it - this disposal of Lennie Fulbirg?

“You and Graham hatched a plan because you decided that the best way of getting rid of the problem of Lennie was to get rid of Lennie.”

Mr Goss referred to a letter from Cameron to Haylett postmarked August 8 1996 which read: “As you said last night, Graham, we have to be focused on why we are doing this and let it end tomorrow night.”

Mr Goss alleged it was a reference to a plan to kill Mr Fulbirg.

“You and Graham both wanted rid of Lennie and you got rid of him,” said Mr Goss.

He continued: “You have just told us lie after lie to fit in with the evidence.

“You have studied the evidence very carefully, haven’t you?

“You have adjusted it to fit in.”

Cameron denied this was the case.


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