Farmer's fight to restore his farm

COLDEN farmer David Collinge is re-submitting plans to restore his derelict farm.

Mr Collinge recently applied for planning permission to convert what remains of the farm he owns, Higher Heath.

The larger part of the two-storey building can been seen against the skyline from Work House Farm, Colden, and close by is Lower Heath, now just a crumpled ruin.

Mr Collinge's initial plans were turned down by planners who dismissed his scheme, saying it was too isolated and had not been used for many years.

The development would also "adversely affect" the special landscape area, said planning inspector Peter Eggleton, who also rejected a planning appeal.

But Mr Collinge, who has lived there for 40 years, is determined to fight on for Higher Heath.

He said: "There's only two things that can happen. Either I restore it or I have to let it fall down."

Mr Collinge said he was intending to put in a new planning application using a different access road – one recently improved, partly for use as a bridleway.

Blackshaw Parish Council raised no objections to the rebuilding plan and Calderdale Council said: "Although derelict, the building is substantial enough to convert."