Fair For Youth returns on Saturday - the big festival event run for, and by, young people

Fun at last year's Fair For Youth Festival at Calder Holmes Park - the 2014 is this Saturday, May 31, noon-6pm
Fun at last year's Fair For Youth Festival at Calder Holmes Park - the 2014 is this Saturday, May 31, noon-6pm

Fair For Youth returns on Saturday, May 31, and the event run for and largely and increasingly by young people promises to be bigger and better than ever.

The organisers are hoping Calder Holmes Park will be basking in the sun from the fair’s opening at noon to around 6pm.

The youth of Hebden Bridge have established a series of successful events every year since 2009, generating greater interest and influence each time round. This year greater numbers of the youth within the area have been encouraged in to get involved with the organisation and the activity within the fair.

This time, the Fair For Youth organisation have placed a much larger emphasis on workshops and exciting, developed skills sessions for young people.

With its aim to predominantly promote youth culture and activity within the Hebden Bridge area, showing the true skills that young people maintain within the town, it also encourages young people to develop new skills and engage in various activities including graffiti art, sports, arts and crafts, music, painting, circus skills, drums, dance, producing and more.

For five years the organisation have established a range of safe, fun-filled and exiting activities for everyone to enjoy. This year, as well as involving a larger number of young people on the day of the fair. more and more have been involved in terms of the event’s construction and development.

Most of the organisers are between the ages of 13 and 20 with the young person running the event, Alex Kostayakov, being 20. Two of the main young people recently won the town council award for service to the community award youth section.

The organisation meets underneath the Trades Club on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm. Each meeting generates new ideas, builds confidence within the group and sees the event itself begin to take shape. Fair For Youth invites young people to come to its meetings if they wish to get involved.

Finally, young people of all ages are welcome at the event in May and Fair For Youth hopes to see many smiling faces present on the day.