Todmorden in Bloom: The importance of plants in towns and cities

RHS Chelsea 'Greening The Grey', a multi-functional garden full of ideas!
RHS Chelsea 'Greening The Grey', a multi-functional garden full of ideas!

Midsummer is an incredibly busy time for Todmorden in Bloom and gardeners everywhere!

Professor Nigel Dunnett of Sheffield University designed the RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden 2017 at Chelsea to demonstrate ideas to minimise the impact urban development has on our environment and to encourage creativity to maximise the limited space available in built-up areas.

His prize-winning garden provides inspiration for all with features including coping with drought tolerance, pollution absorbing plants and ideas to help channel flash-flood water, see

His garden design show-cased that plants and nature in gardens have never been more necessary in our towns and cities to cope with all of our challenging weather patterns.

Other practical yet creative ideas included subtle plant-clad bike storage, multi-use and walls of vegetation, tastefully disguised recycling and composting facilities where space is at a premium.

Professor Nigel Dunnett believes gardening and planting is no longer optional but now essential, especially in urban areas.

With traffic pollution levels climbing dangerously high in many areas, devastating flash-floods or the conversely hot dry conditions of this year, we all need to face facts that plantings helps battle against these environmental threats. All plants absorb water.

He hopes to have show-cased realistic, simple, but relevant ideas for home gardeners, community groups and for commercial developers so we all help to make a difference. As indeed, Todmorden in Bloom, try to accomplish in and around our home town of Todmorden.

Specific plants can help soak-up pollution or can prove drought-tolerant according to our unpredictable weather.

Employing water-sensitive design ideas all helps reduce the impact of flash-flooding. Nigel’s typical planting style creates a long-lasting colourful visual display with minimal maintenance yet of high wild-life value.

The garden is full of ecological concepts set within this contemporary design.

Todmorden in Bloom know that gardens and gardening bring people together, and overwhelming evidence shows that gardening makes folk feel better, healthier and more confident.

We shall be welcoming the Yorkshire in Bloom RHS Judges in mid July when they will be assessing Todmorden in many categories, besides our flowers.

We should be very grateful to all of the residents, shop-keepers and businesses if you could tidy up your street frontages.

Todmorden in Bloom will always welcome more helpers, especially now during our busiest months.

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