IET joins top projects at exhibition

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Todmorden’s Incredible Edible project has been chosen alongside award winning international schemes including the UK’s Garden Bridge and the Olympic Park as leading examples of great landscape design.

It is featured in ‘Rethinking the Urban Landscape’ is a new exhibition highlighting the importance of landscape in shaping cities which runs from this week until February 10 at The Building Centre in Store Street, London.

Curated by The Building Centre and the Landscape Institute, it will exemplify how landscape architecture can offer sustainable solutions to the big challenges facing contemporary urban society including flooding and public health.

Showcasing some of the UK’s most powerful contemporary landscape projects including King’s Cross and the Olympic Park, alongside small,community-led schemes like IET, the exhibition will highlight the importance of investing in green infrastructure for cities to become more liveable, healthy and safe.

Noel Farrer, president of the Landscape Institute, says: “Proper land use is now becoming a matter of urgency, with concerns such as the housing crisis, flooding, public health and even food shortages coming to the fore.

“Lives are being threatened and billions of pounds are being wasted for want of earlier stage investment in the landscape. This is about highlighting the urgent need for a landscape-led approach to our towns and cities. Landscape architects are able to find solutions from within the natural landscape, avoiding highly engineered responses and ultimately creating schemes more sustainable, better designed and nicer to live in.”