Dog mess warning: ‘Grass on foulers’

Two councils have warned irresponsible dog owners that they will be prosecuted amid complaints of dog fouling being left in areas of a village.

The complaints, made by two residents who wish remain anonymous, was about mess in Caldene Avenue, Mytholmroyd, as well as in the centre of the village.

Calderdale Council said anyone caught failing to pick up dog mess will be fined and taken to court if necessary.

Calderdale Council’s head of housing and environment Mark Thompson said: “Calderdale Council has five dog control orders in the borough to promote responsible dog ownership and to highlight the issues of dog fouling, dog control and care for our environment.

“There are clear signs in all the relevant areas so that dog walkers and visitors understand which orders apply and where. Anyone who doesn’t comply with any of the orders will be fined £80, which reduces to £50 if the fine is paid within 10 days. Court proceedings will begin if fines are not paid within 14 days.

“If you see someone regularly failing to pick up after their dog, please report it to the council on 0845 2457000 or online at It would help the Council’s enforcement officers if you could give a description of the dog and the person in charge of it, and an approximate time that you regularly see them.”

Hebden Royd Town Council also said that it was doing its bit to tackle the issue and will host events to promote responsible dog ownership.

Neighbourhood Manager Emma Green said: “It’s something that we have continuous problems with. We put on various events throughout the year, including ‘Happy Hebden Hounds’, and are looking to host further events in the future. We will also be working with the local schools to do either another ‘poems against poo’ poster or something else.

“If anybody has any information about a certain area that has got a lot of dog fouling then I’d urge them to get in contact with Calderdale Council with as much supporting information as possible.”

The Mytholmroyd residents had raised concerns about whether action was being taken to stop dog fouling being left on the pavement, especially on routes leading to the village’s schools.

They said: “Many of the residents of Mytholmroyd are heartily sick of irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to foul the pavements. The problem is particularly noticeable along the length of Caldene Avenue and by the pedestrian crossing next to the post office in the centre of Mytholmroyd. A large number of children use this route on the way to Burnley Road Academy and Calder High School and often find their shoes soiled in a most unpleasant manner.

“This issue has got a great deal worse in recent years and steps should be taken to enforce the existing laws relating to dogs fouling the pavements.”