Do you have a welly to spare?

People can fill their boots with whatever plants they wish.
People can fill their boots with whatever plants they wish.

Old and much loved wellies are needed to create a sea of flowering boots as part of the Open Gardens celebrations across Hebden Bridge in July.

The Open Gardens weekend is part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and gardening experts Her Indoors are encouraging the community to get involved with their wellies.

The idea of the project is for people to fill their boots with whatever plants they wish and Her Indoors will also hide some of their own creations at secret locations around the town.

Arts Festival Artistic Director Helen Meller, said: “The theme of this year’s festival is water, and when the town flooded most of us spent weeks tramping round town in our wellies, so we thought it would be fun to recycle spare boots people have lying round the house.

“We are also encouraging people to come and get a pair of boots they can plant with bright flowers to decorate whatever open spaces they have from window boxes to backyards.

“We are still welcoming applications from more people with big or small gardens to open their gates to the public.”

Anyone who would like to be involved should drop off their pre-owned wellies at Hebden Bridge Town Hall and Her Indoors have created a step by step guide to help people reinvent the much loved outdoor boots.

During the weekend art lovers will be able to meet nearly 100 artists as part of the annual Open Studios programme after they decided to join forces with Open Gardens to offer an extra weekend of culture and horticulture.

By joining with the Open Studios the Arts Festival team have been able to reinvent the Open Gardens circuit after it took a break in 2015.

The open weekend runs from July 7-9 and is a free event. Anyone who would like to open their garden up can email by March 31 and there are no size restrictions.