Call for all to help bring fly-tippers to justice

Scott Trickett with the fly-tipped rubbish at Cragg Vale
Scott Trickett with the fly-tipped rubbish at Cragg Vale

Fly-tippers have wreaked havoc on Cragg Vale moorland.

Now, Hebden Royd Town Council is calling on you to bring illegal dumpers to justice.

Hebden Royd parish councillor Scott Trickett said he is “disgusted” by the recent overnight dumping of building rubble along Blackstone Edge Road, the B6138, and is now calling on the community to identify dumpers by making a note of the suspected registration plate and reporting it to Calderdale Council.

Illegal dumping was a problem in 2011 but preventative action deterred fly-tippers. Now, fly-tipping in this area has returned.

Mr Trickett said: “We’re so fortunate to have great views across the moors but when they are interrupted by a pile of builders waste that appeared overnight, in the last fortnight - it really is upsetting.

“Old flooring, soil and other waste of what looks to have come from a house renovation was dumped.

“We’re proud of our area and people are disgusted by the dumping of waste. Cragg Vale’s beauty attracts national interest and is a reason why it’s been included in the Tour de France 2014.

“Our community does not want anti-social behaviour occurring and people are keeping an eye out for the perpetrators of the unacceptable and hazardous dumping.”

Calderdale Council cleared the waste. But Mr Trickett said he wants to send out a clear message of “no tolerance” to fly-tippers.

Hebden Royd Town Council neighbourhood manager Emma Green said: “It’s likely they are looking for a place to stop and leave their load late at night or early in the morning.

She warned, prosecutions of fly-tippers could result in heavy penalties for the offenders with fines of up to £20,000 and/or up to five years imprisonment.

Calderdale Council’s head of housing, environment and renewal, Mark Thompson, said: “Fly-tipping is a very serious criminal offence. We will not hesitate to prosecute fly-tippers but we need clear evidence to do so.”

Fly-tippers can be reported on Calderdale Council’s online ‘fly-tipping’ section of the website or by confidentially calling 0845 245 7000.

Report the location, time and date of the fly-tipping as well as recording the items dumped and where possible, the registration number of the vehicle involved.