Entries came in despite the downpour

ARTS and crafts section secretary Ann Cryer said it has been a great show, considering the weather conditions.

Sunday, 17th June 2012, 7:26 pm

“Everyone has kept calm and put their wellingtons on,” she said.

Although a few entrants had not submitted their entries that morning it wasn’t many. They were slightly down in both adults and children’s classes - but not by many on last year in each.

Mrs Josephine Thompson won the Temperley Cup for best exhibit in the baking classes while the Mrs Greenwood Cup for best exhibit by a local boy went to Isaac Hughes-Dennis and the Mrs Lord Cup for best exhibit by a local girl went to Susannah Leah. Susannah also won the Sunderland Cup for the best entry in the art classes.

The Clewer Cup for most points in the handicraft classes went to Mrs L. Ingham and the TSB Trophy for a local school with the nost points was won this year by Todmorden C of E School.

The June Fern Cup for best entry in children’s handwriting classes went to Frea Dawson while the Calderdale Calligraphy Trophy for the school with most points in handwriting classes wernt to Walsden St Peter’s School.

The Speak Memorial Trophy for best loaf cake went to Linda Pickles, of Hebden Bridge, and the Trevor Cryer Trophy for best exhibit in photography classes went to Carol Rosewarne. The Denon Trophy for best floral exhibit went to Mrs Alex McKay.




Hand-knitted garment: 1, Elena Foster, Todmorden; 2, Mary Jarman, Todmorden. Patchwork: 1, Linda Ingram, Todmorden; 2, Karen Ross, Todmorden. Any article in cross-stitch: 1, Helen Newsome, Todmorden; 2, Linda Ingram. Any embroidered article: 1, Heather Shaw, Todmorden; 2, Liz Butler, Todmorden.

Textile art: 1, Liz Butler; 2, Heather Swan, Todmorden. Greetings card: 1, Linda Ingram; 2, Mrs L. Holden, Blackburn. Otther knitted articles - hand or machine: 1, Dorothy Smith, Walsden; 2, Lucy O’ Hare, Heptonstall. Bag for fun: 1 and 2, Lorraine Holden, Blackburn. Open class: 1, Maureen Mason, Todmorden; 2, Ann Magadur, Todmorden.

Hand-crafted jewellery

Hand crafted bead jewellery: 1, Jane Spence, Todmorden; 2, Mrs A. McKay, Blackburn.


Woodwork: 1 and 2, Paul Drake, Walsden. Turned woodwork: 1 and 2, Robert Vernon, Todmorden. Woodcarving: 1, Paul Drake, Walsden.

Flower arrangements

Table arrangement for the Diamond Jubilee: 1, Mrs A. McKay; 2, Karen Andrews, Walsden. Decorative hat: 1, Mrs A. McKay. Open class: 1, Robert Gibbon, Hebden Bridge; 2, Lorraine Holden, Blackburn.


Jar of jelly: 1, Sara Steeles, Todmorden; 2, Janet Taylor, Lancaster. Jar of jam: 1, Lorraine Holden; 2, Helena Cook. Jar of chutney: 1, Jennifer Town, Todmorden; 2, Janet Taylor.

Fruit pie: 1, Dorothy Smith; 2, Josephine Thomson, Todmorden. Six fruit scones: 1, Mrs S. Smith, Halifax; 2, Janet Taylor. Victoria Sandwich: 1, Helene Cook; 2, Ruth Sutcliffe, Todmorden. Four cup cakes: 1, Rachel Barker, Todmorden; 2, Ann Newsome, Todmorden.

Six biscuits: 1, Deborah Sutcliffe, Todmorden. Decorated cake: 1, Jackie Day, Todmorden; 2, Rachel Ormerod, Todmorden. Fruit cake: 1, Linda Pickles, Hebden Bridge; 2, Helena Antemes, Walsden.

Parkin: 1, Dorothy Smith; 2, G. T. Uren, Todmorden. Any loaf cake: 1, Josephine Thomson, Todmorden; 2, Carol Rosewarne, Todmorden.