School life: Huge success on the ice for Calder High’s Kara

Kara is currently fourth in the world
Kara is currently fourth in the world

Kara Graham a Year 9 student is an ice skater who competes on a regular basis, however she competes with the amazing charity Inclusive Skating as well as with competing against skaters of all levels and abilities.

Kara has a condition called iridocorneal endothelial (or ICE for short) syndrome with Reigers. This means her vision is affected as is her field of vision and her depth perception, she is at high risk of glaucoma and has to undergo tests on a regular basis. She also uses tinted lenses to reduce her visa stress with can cause migraines and can cause her to lose all sight for a short time. In January the world rankings were released, these are split into categories according to age. Kara is currently fourth in the world for the advanced novice ladies category.

This year she has the World Championships in April and is taking part in 4 components, this breaks down into elements, a way of showing you can complete the basic moves to a good standard, she is competing in pattern dances this year the Canasta Tango and the Dutch Waltz, a free skate where she will show her routine she has coreographed with her coach and is using a tune written for Kara when she suffered from pneumonia and was hospitalised for 3 weeks and has been adapted for her to skate to, this is called Breathe Easy, and a free dance which shows a variety of dance moves set to her own choice of music.

She is currently training hard for this on and off the ice and hopefully will bring back lots of medals.