More students are achieving top grades

Todmorden High students Jamie Wrench and Zach Harris with their A-Level results
Todmorden High students Jamie Wrench and Zach Harris with their A-Level results

Todmorden High School are celebrating another record-breaking year with more students than ever achieving top grades.

There were 39 per cent of students who achieved A and A* grades, while the school also achieved the best ever A*-C results with 73 per cent being rewarded with the higher grades for their efforts.

Gill Shirt, acting deputy head, said: “Once again we’re really pleased with the results we’ve achieved.

“Despite national trends we’ve managed to get some good grades.

“I’d like to say a big congratulations to all our students. It’s a testament to the work they’ve put in and the improvements we are making.

“A big thank you too to our staff, parents and governors for supporting us.”

Staff opened the school at 5.30am on Thursday to enable students to receive their results early

Head Boy Jamie Wrench achieved the highest possible award in his ICT BTEC, grades A in chemistry and mathematics and a B in geography. He will now go onto Leeds University to study accounting and finance.

Zach Harris has secured a place at Bath Spa University to study global sustainability and development and he will take up this place in September 2015 following a gap year.

James Frankland achieved the highest grade in his ICT BTEC, grade B in maths and physics and a grade C in chemistry; he will now go onto study aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University.

Some of the school’s students have taken the decision to pursue a higher apprenticeship. Amy Foster will now take up a place with an Accountancy firm in Littleborough to complete an apprenticeship which will also include completing her AAT examinations.

Willow Foran-Pearson has secured a two year apprenticeship in Games Design with a company based in Manchester. A Todmorden High spokesperson said the school continues to improve year on year. “Improvements in teaching and learning and information advice and guidance are paying off with continual improvements in examination results, despite national trends – this is due to the commitment of everyone involved in our school community,” they said.

Todmorden High School

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