It’s a high five for best grades in half a decade

Calder High students Lamin Touray, Annie Fletcher, Rosie Mansouri, Will Emberton and Brendan Barclay.
Calder High students Lamin Touray, Annie Fletcher, Rosie Mansouri, Will Emberton and Brendan Barclay.

Students at Calder High School have been receiving their A-Level results as the school celebrates its best set of grades for five years.

Headteacher Anthony Guise said: “I’m really pleased not just for the school but it means the students we have spoken to have all got their first choice of university. “I’m really proud of all the hard work they’ve put in to secure the results they deserve. Of particular note is the group of 11 Year 13 students who went to Uganda at the beginning of the holidays and fundraised for that while studying at the same time.

“All of them got their first choice of university, so I’m really pleased for them.”

Student Annie Fletcher said: “I got an A star in English, an A in psychology and a B in French and I’m going to apply to theatre school for stage management and technical theatre.” Will Emberton said: “I got straight Bs in geology, biology media studies and extended projects and I’m going to the University of Birmingham to study geology.”

Lamin Touray said: “I got a merit and a C and I’m off to drama school.”

Brendan Barclay said: “I got a distinction in PE, a C in drama and a D in English Literature and next year I’m taking a gap year.”

Rosie Mansouri said: “I got a distinction in my BTEC science and my BTEC IT and a D in English and in September I’m going to the University of Bradford to study nursing.”

Calder High School

GCE A2 and BTEC equivalent results

Ahmed B, bs bt, as bt, it bt; Akhtar M, bs bt*, it bt, ms; Ali D, bs bt, it bt, ms; Ameen I, bs bt*, so; Atkinson E, mu, psy; Bannister K, app ict, exp, s bt*; Barclay B, el, dm, s bt; Boylan W, as bt*, ho bt, s bt; Carsmith A, hi, psy, el; Cartwright L, bs bt; Cawkwell S, psy, da, dm; Clayton O, ma, ph, ch; Corner E, as bt*, bi, ge; Darley N, gg, so, en; Dawson A, hi, ma, ph; Deighton J, en, el, ms; Elam-Morley S, hi, so, el; Ellahi H, ms; Emberton W, exp, bi, ge, ms; Evans T, gg; Farooq A, bs bt, it bt; Fletcher A, psy, el*, fr; Foulds W, en, dm, pho; Gee H gg, psy, ge; Gibbon C, ma, app ict, s bt*; Godden A, gg, psy, en; Greenwood A, bs bt*, ho bt, s bt*; Greenwood G, bs bt, ho bt, pho; Hartley M, ms*, pho*; Heywood-Everett S, en, el; Holt R, bs bt*, it bt, s bt; Hussain Asam, bs bt, it bt; Jennings T, hi, en; Jones E, en, el, dm; Jukes J, bs bt*, it bt, s bt*; Khalil Z, en, ma, bi; Khan A, psy, bi; Khan M, bs bt*, as bt*; Leadbetter C, psy, ge, s bt; Lilley I, psy, pho; Lord L, so, da, bs bt; Mahmood K, ad, bs bt, it bt; Mansouri R, el, as bt*, it bt*; McGovern J, pd3, ma, bs bt*; Morley M, pd3, pho; Naz M, exp, ms, it bt*; Naz S, psy, so; Nazir N, ad, pho, it bt; Parkes S, bs bt, it bt, ms; Petrie D, en, exp, ms, it bt; Price G, gg, el, ge; Ramiz R, gg, psy, as bt*; Readyhough R, bs bt*, it bt; Richmond E, gg, psy, el; Robbins H, gg, psy, el; Shazad I, en, bs bt; Smith J, gg, ge; Smith N, ad, it bt, s bt*; Speechley J, ma, bi, s bt*; Stamp B, en, app ict, ho bt*; Stanley G, gg, psy, en; Stansfield R, ma, bi, s bt*; Sugden L, hi, dm, ms; Suthers E, hi, el, dm; Teal J, exp, ge, ms, it bt*; Thorpe H, as bt*; Touray L, dm, s bt; Touray S, it bt, s bt; Walker J, gg, el, exp*, bi; Wharton M, gg, el, exp, s bt*; Wright D, hi, so, el; Zahar Q, bs bt*, as bt*, it bt.

GCE AS and BTEC equivalent results

Adams R, ad, pho, bs bt*; Alcock F, en; Ali S, as bt, bs bt, it bt; Allen J, ad, ms; Ameen I, as bt; Amjad A, it bt; Aqeel H, ms, bs bt, it bt; Bear R, gg, en, ma; Best L, gg, en, el, as bt*; Bielinski-Bradbury A, ma, ho bt*, bs bt*; Bolton E, pd3, en, it bt*; Bowmer C, bs bt, it bt, s bt*; Brown M, el, ma, bs bt; Brown P, en, el, ms, dm; Buckley J, ma, bi, ch; Carsmith A, da; Cartwright L, hi, el, it bt; Cartwright T, bs bt, it bt; Clayton S, ms, it bt, s bt*; Corcos O, gg, bs bt, it bt, s bt*; Corner E, hi; Davidson E, da, ms, it bt*; Dobson J, en, bs bt, s bt; Dutton H, dm; Ellahi H, en, as bt*; Evans T, psy, ge; Farooq A, as bt*; Fenton T, hi, ms, bs bt; Fitzsimmons H, en, dm; Foulger H, gg, so, ad; Gilling G, gg, so, el, bs bt; Gladstone S, ad, ms, pho; Goggs J, gg, el, ge; Grayson A, so, en, it bt; Green D, pd3, ms; Greenwood B, ge, ms, it bt*; Habib Z, ma, ph, ch; Hadfield B, so, ms, pho; Hansford R, pd3, ms, s bt; Harris A, so, en, pho; Healey R, ms, it bt*, s bt*; Henderson J, gg, hi, it bt; Horner J, ph, bi, ch, ge; Horsfield M, bs bt; Hussain Adil, bs bt, s bt; Hussain Asam, as bt; Hussain Z, psy, ch, ms; Hyde L, ad, ms, pho; Iqbal H, ma, ph, bi, ch; Jabeen S, en, bs bt, it bt; James A, so, da, ms; Johnson L, ad, pho, bs bt; Jones E, da; Kaye R, pd3, bs bt, it bt; Khalil S, psy, en, as bt*, it bt; Khan A, ch; Khan Mobeen, en,; Khan Umar, as bt, ms; Khudadad M, ma, bi, ch; Lally J, gg, en, el, s bt; Leah S, so, el, bs bt; Lilley I, ad; Lupton L, hi, pd3, ms, it bt; Mahmood M, en, ma, bs bt*, it bt*; Mahmood N, en, bs bt, it bt; McAlpine R, bs bt, it bt; McMurdo L, ad, s bt; Menzies H, el, hi, fr, sp; Mir H, en, bi, ch; Morley M, it bt*; Murphy J, gg, so, en, bi; Naz M, as bt*; Naz S, bs bt*; O’Keefe R, hi, el, ms; Oliver A, gg, so, en, bi; Oxford J, en, ms, it bt; Oxley N, pd3, ge, s bt*; Pardoe A, so, ms, bs bt; Payne S, da, en, ms; Pimblett-Tattley B, pho, ms, it bt; Pimlott E, as bt*, ms, pho; Qureshi H, psy, so, ch; Rafiq H, as bt, s bt; Rauf S, as bt*, s bt; Reeder B, gg, dm, ms; Russell A, so, ad, bs bt; Seabourne G, pd3; Shakoor S, psy; Sharkey S, gg, ge, bs bt, s bt*; Shazad I, ms; Smith J, bi; Smith T, hi, el, ge, ms; Standring T, en, bi, s bt; Stansfield H, as bt*, bs bt, s bt; Sudder J, as bt*, ms, pho, it bt; Swindells-Pegg J, ad, ms, it bt; Talbot M, psy, bi, ms; Tasker J, bs bt, it bt, s bt; Tattersall J, pd3, bs bt, it bt; Thorpe H, so; Timson A, en, bs bt; Welsh A, hi, psy, so; Whippey J, ad, en, ms, pho; Williams K, hi, psy, so; Wilson F, ma, bi, s bt; Young A, hi, psy, ge