Generous shoppers help Theo and friends fund anti-bullying training

Theo Hewson-Betts at the bag pack
Theo Hewson-Betts at the bag pack

Saturday afternoon in Morrisons saw huge success for Theo Hewson Betts and his band of helpers following the article in last week’s Todmorden News and Hebden Bridge Times.

Theo was hoping to raise £600 to help to pay for training 150 Todmorden children to anti-bullying ambassadors.

This figure was beaten, as, with the additional contributions he had received, more than £800 was raised in total.

Theo, who is a National Youth Board member of the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Trust, said he was delighted with how the day had gone,

“I would like to say a massive thank you to all who contributed to this fantastic result,” he said.

“My family helped with the bag packing, but also congregation members from my church, St Joseph’s, friends from my football team and also some of the friends of my brother and sister.

“I couldn’t have done it without them.

“But also I couldn’t have raised such a massive amount without the support of the people of Todmorden - thank you.”

Theo added that there would be practical results from the money raised.

“This means that there are 150 free places for Todmorden children to be trained to be anti-bullying ambassadors available to the schools and clubs in Todmorden.

“I have sent invitations and information to as many places as I could think of.

“Now I need the teachers and youth leaders to book these places up.

“It doesn’t matter whether your organisation has a problem with bullying; this is about young people being able to help other young people across the town.

“My dream is that wherever a child goes in Todmorden they will have someone trained to be able to talk to if they are worried about bullying.

“Then I think that we could say that Todmorden is a bully-free zone.”

If anyone would like any more information about the event, please contact Theo on