Encouraging students to look to Europe

Former Mayor of Hebden Royd Coun Scott Trickett, left, presents the proceeds of his Mayoral Fund to chairman of Hebden Bridge Town Twinning Society Mr David Parry
Former Mayor of Hebden Royd Coun Scott Trickett, left, presents the proceeds of his Mayoral Fund to chairman of Hebden Bridge Town Twinning Society Mr David Parry

Hebden Royd’s Mayor in 2011-2012 has this month donated his Mayoral Fund from that year to Hebden Bridge Twinning Society.

Councillor Scott Trickett not only hopes it will be used to maintain friendships with the area’s twin towns, but also give help young people in their careers.

Coun Trickett benefitted himself from such a fund whilst at school which consequently led him to studying and working in Germany.

He is now fluent in German and uses his language daily in the export engineering company that he works.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted the twinning society has agreed to accept the monies I raised during my Mayoral year. We have had excellent links with our twin towns for many years and the Twinning Society is the ideal recipient to ensure the monies are directed for the intended purpose.

“The reason I chose this as my Mayoral Charity is that as a young person I had an opportunity, supported by a local fund, for an educational ‘tour of German industry’ visit whilst at school.

“Through this opportunity I recognised Germany as a major Engineering power in Europe and led to me studying a degree in Engineering and German, studies were in both countries.

“During my career many of my foreign contacts are constantly surprised and say the number of people with secondary languages in the UK is very low. I passionately believe that more young people need to have similar opportunity and niches exist for them.

“Since my experience was triggered by a similar fund, my simple wish as Mayor was to enable as many young people in our area the same opportunity that I had.

“This will be good for the personal growth and local business accordingly.”

The fund is now in the hands of the twinning society and Coun Trickett said he would work alongside them to direct the monies according to the following criteria:

The fund is intended for the purposes of assisting young people to further their international educational or vocational development.

The fund shall be for Hebden Royd students who wish to gain experience by vocational or educational visits to France and/or Germany using existing twin links with primary emphasis on Germany.

Mr David Parry, president of Hebden Bridge Twinning Society, said: “This fund fits well into our sphere of activities.

“We already operate a youth fund which helps young people establish or maintain friendship links with young people in our twin towns.

“Further than that we also work with our equivalent twin town organisations to bring young people on work experience from our twin towns and would be more than happy to do the same for our young people who would like to go to Warstein or St Pol.”

One young man from Warstein applied to one of Germany’s top universities while working at White Ribbon Campaign. He maintains that he was accepted because they received his application from here.

Applications are ongoing and can made at any time.

If any individuals or groups are interested in some assistance for seed monies they are asked to write an explanation letter to Coun Scott Trickett at scotttrickett@yahoo.co.uk 01422 884909 or David Parry at davidjohnparry@talktalk.net 01422 845632.