£140k plan for new extension at valley school

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Colden School has begun work on plans to replace a mobile classroom that was damaged during recent high winds.

Following a meeting, school chiefs - including governors and headteacher Tony Greenwood - have pledged £70,000 to a project to build a new extension to the school.

However they are reliant on Calderdale Council coming up with match funding for the project.

Last month the school’s mobile classroom, which has been described as “inadequate and dilapidated”, had panels ripped off in strong winds.

Disaster was averted thanks to the quick actions of the school’s caretaker who managed to tidy up any debris and temporarily repair the damage.

But it has forced the school into action after making do with the temporary classroom for as long as possible.

Headteacher Tony Greenwood said: “We have been pursuing this matter for a very long time. I, and the other governors, are very keen to move on this matter and get a permanent replacement in situ as soon as possible.”

Mr Greenwood said the school had been due for major remodelling three years ago but the scheme was poorly managed, meaning its place on the primary schools building programme was lost.

Hence the school’s move to gain match funding from the council and get building work started on the new classroom.

Mr Greenwood said: “We are looking for a decision soon as it can not drag on forever as the current temporary building is heading rapidly towards the end of its life.”

He said that the governors had worked hard and been resourceful with the school’s finances to make the £70,000 available for the scheme.

The school plans to hold a meeting at 7pm on February 20, where governors will report back to parents on the issues the school is facing and the plans for moving forward with the new building project.

School governor Coun Janet Battye said that a health and safety officer had been up to inspect the temporary classroom and found that it had “another two or three years left in it”.