Police warning after insecure homes and vehicles targeted

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Police in Calderdale are again warning residents to keep their homes and vehicles secure to help cut burglary dwelling and vehicle crime offences.

Criminals have recently been targeting insecure houses and vehicles.

Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector David Shaw said: “If you keep your house and vehicle secure when you leave it unattended you are making your property and vehicle a much less attractive option to a thief. Thieves tend to be opportunistic and will look for the easiest available option.

“Therefore they are far more likely to target unlocked and insecure properties and vehicles. Our officers have been astounded when they have seen valuable items including laptops, wallets and mobile phones on show in vehicles and also front doors of houses left open and insecure.

“We are doing all we can to stop criminals in their tracks and officers are always on patrol keeping a watchful eye out – but we need people to work with us and make life more difficult for thieves.”