Lock up your shed warning after bike theft

Inspector Dave Shaw
Inspector Dave Shaw

Police are urging householders to remain vigilant and ensure their sheds, garages and gardens are secure following the theft of a bike in Hebden Bridge.

The chained-up pedal bike was taken from a shed at the rear of a residential property on Market Street between 8am on Tuesday, September 16, and 7am the next day.

Following the theft, police are warning householders who keep expensive gardening equipment, bikes and outside furniture in insecure sheds not to make themselves easy targets.

Inspector Dave Shaw, of the Valley North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Items such as lawn-mowers and outdoor tables and chairs tend to be expensive and very saleable items for criminals.

“Don’t make it easy for thieves to break in and make off with your hard-earned possessions.

“It is important to ensure your garden is secure as well. Even if you are outside taking advantage of the weather, a quick trip back inside to make a cup of tea can leave a thief with all the time they need to sneak round and take your goods left outside.

“The best advice is to make sure a shed or garage has a good, secure lock on it. You can also buy alarms. Thieves are far more likely to only target those sheds and garages that are not left unlocked or even wide open rather than those that are locked and secure and so provide a barrier to them.”

Police are investigating the theft of a bicycle from a shed at a residential property on Market Street, Hebden Bridge between 8am on Tuesday 16 September and 7am the next day.

Anyone with information about the stolen bike are asked to contact police on 101.