Human skull found in Halifax could be 400 years old

DCI Nick Wallen
DCI Nick Wallen

Police have confirmed that a human skull found on land in Wheatley could be anything from 75 to 400 years old.

The gruesome discovery of the skull, which police have confirmed belonged to a female, was made on land off Hebble Lane, on Monday, April 7.

And police have also confirmed that the age of the skull does not match any missing person cases they are currently investigating, meaning that the mystery of who it belonged to is still not solved.

Senior investigation officer Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wallen said: “We have had it tested now.

“It has been carbon dated and it has been looked at by a series of archaeologists.

“The bottom line is it’s anything between 75 to 300 or 400 years old.

“In light of that, there’s no links to any missing people cases we are currently investigating.

“At the moment - given the age of the skull - we’re not conducting any further enquiries.”

Det Chf Insp Wallen, who confirmed the skull belonged to a female, said there was a possibility it had been uprooted by an animal from another location and then buried at the site in Wheatley.