Court briefs: Who's been up in court?

Court briefs
Court briefs

Here are the latest Calderdale cases from Magistrates Court.

Vincent Maunder (36) of Station Lane, Greetland, £150 fine, £85 costs, £30 victim surcharge for intending to cause harassment, alarm or distress, used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour.

Julie Marie McDonagh (43) of Springfield Road, Elland, conditional discharge for 12 months, £85 costs, £20 victim surcharge for stealing groceries and alcohol to the value of £36.22 from Tesco in Brighouse.

Lorenz Tattersall (35) of Ramsden Wood Road, Walsden, disqualified from driving for 24 months, £120 fine for drug driving, £120 fine, £350 compensation for resisting arrest.

Martin Woodward (36) of Range Court, Halifax, committed to prison for eight weeks, £115 victim surcharge for stealing meat products to the value of £65 from Tesco in West Vale and razor blades to the value of £84 from Wilkinson in Halifax, committed to eight weeks in prison concurrent for stealing toys worth £51.98 from B&M Stores in Halifax.

Julian Luke Scanlon (28) of Brooksbank Gardens, Elland, 12 months conditional discharge, £20 victim surcharge for assault, 12 months conditional discharge for criminal damage.

Terry Reynolds (33) of Surrey Street, Halifax, 12 months conditional discharge, £100 compensation, £85 costs, £85 victim surcharge for criminal damage.

Joshua James Cammack (28) of Robins Mead, Mytholmroyd, disqualified from driving for 12 months, £380 fine, £85 costs, £30 victim surcharge for drink driving.

Ashley Scott Pearson (24) of Ovenden Way, Halifax, community order, £85 victim surcharge for production of cannabis, restraining order, £300 fine, £200 compensation, £415 costs for assault.

Nicola Louise Coates (38) of Rushton Hill Close, Halifax, £80 fine, £30 victim surcharge for failing to attend a drugs assessment, £100 fine for failing to surrender to custody.

Lee Robert Edward Barrett (36) of Friendly Street, Ovenden, £117 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs for assaulting a police officer, £117 fine for assaulting a police officer.

Robert Douglas Ashcroft (37) of Elm View, Halifax, given six points on his licence, community order, £310 costs, £85 victim surcharge for driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

David Lee Cameron (40) of Trinity Place, Halifax, community order, £120 costs, £85 victim surcharge for intending to steal, community order for possession of cannabis.

Oliver Graham Crouch (18) of Belgrave Mount, Halifax, disqualified from driving for 12 months, £594 fine, £310 costs, £59 victim surcharge for drink driving, failing to stop at a red light, and failing to stop when asked to do so by a police officer.

Kual Liu (38) of Bobbin Close, Bailiff Bridge, £20 fine, £112.50 back duty, £85 costs for keeping an unlicensed vehicle.