Calderdale crime fighting duo taking the battle back to criminals

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A dynamic crime fighting duo are taking the battle back to the criminals of Calderdale.

Crime Prevention Officers Tracy Pritchard and Stephen Holderness are based at Halifax Police Station on Richmond Close.

They have a simple sounding plan; to prevent crime from happening in the District.

But they need people to help them by following a few simple steps to greatly reduce their chances of being a victim of crime.

“We are doing what we can by having as many police out and about patrolling the streets and keeping a watchful eye out for any crimes taking place,” said Tracy Pritchard.

“Officers will also respond to reports of crimes and do everything possible to bring those responsible to justice.

“But we cannot and should not act in isolation. Crime prevention is everyone’s business. There are lots of things people can do to greatly reduce their chances of becoming a victim of a crime – and it’s all straight forward and simple advice.”

Burglary rates typically increase during the summer months as residents often leave windows open and doors unlocked.

According to Stephen Holderness, however, this is as good as inviting a burglar into your house.

“Burglars want an easy ride. Breaking into a house through a locked door or window causes commotion and draws attention. They will look for and specifically target those houses that are not secure.

“Once they find a house they can sneak into they can be in and out of a property within seconds.

“Just by keeping windows and doors secure, residents are making it so much more difficult for unwanted guests to invite themselves in.”

“Around a quarter of all burglaries in Calderdale happen because someone has left a door open or a window insecure. Thieves couldn’t be happier - but it is very frustrating and distressing for victims when something happens that could have so easily have been prevented.

“Thieves will also target garden tools and other implements left out in the garden or in unlocked sheds. Again, by just keeping these secure when unattended - for example in a locked shed or garage then they are out of the reach of criminals.”

And thanks to money secured from the ill-gotten gains of criminals – through Proceeds Of Crime Act (POCA) money – the duo have been able to invest money into a raft of crime fighting tools for sale at cost price. They are available to any Calderdale resident.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, Coun Barry Collins, said: “We are pleased to be working with the Police to support this campaign. We know how important it is for people to feel safe in their own homes, but it can be difficult for vulnerable people to do the jobs needed to put security measures in place. Our Handyperson team can help to fit any products when people are unable to do it themselves. Call the Council for a quote on 01422 288001.”