Chance to speak to permaculture expert Stephen

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A world renowned permaculture gardening expert could be coming to the Calder Valley, if there is enough interest in getting him here.

Todmorden resident Kathleen Simpson says that Stephen Barstow, author of Around The World in 80 Plants: An Edible Perennial Vegetable Adventure For Temperate Climates, who is based in Norway, is in the UK in May. Kathleen says it would be the first time he has given a talk in the Uk and explains: “I have an opportunity to bring Stephen to Todmorden in May as he will be in Hampshire visiting friends - if we can get enough people to the talk to cover his travel costs from Hampshire (flights, taxis and the like. It would be a great opportunity to speak to an expert in the permaculture field.”

Kathleen asks that people contact he by calling 07414213339 if interested.