Calder Valley Search and Rescue team help stuck driver in their 900th callout

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A driver who took a wrong turn in his car and got stuck on a steep road was rescued by Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team in their 900th callout.

Team members received a callout from West Yorkshire Police at 10pm on Friday night to provide assistance to Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) with the driver, who was stuck down a steep and narrow, dead end unmade road in Heptonstall.

The driver was unhurt in the incident, but was in pain following a recent back operation. Because of his awkward location, the YAS crew requested help to safely evacuate the driver back to the main road.

Once there, 21 team members winched the vehicle back up the track to level ground where the driver was then transferred to the main road and handed over to the YAS crew.

At midnight the team stood and returned to base before continuing their journey home.

This was the team’s 900th callout since being formed in 1966.