Calder High School: Students take lead on improvements

Calder High School head boy and head girl, Jujin Whippey and Penny Brown, working with headteacher Mr Guise
Calder High School head boy and head girl, Jujin Whippey and Penny Brown, working with headteacher Mr Guise

This year saw the appointment of a Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy at Calder High School.

Following a rigorous selection process, Penny Brown and Jujin Whippey were appointed Head Girl and Boy respectively, with Katie Williams appointed as Deputy.

The students meet regularly with the Headteacher and lead the School Council, ensuring that the views of students are heard and shared with the Leadership Team of the school.

Headteacher Mr Guise explains: “Having regular contact with my senior students has given me a different view of how our improvements are actually impacting on students across the school.

“Their role as chairs of the School Council provides a direct route for student’s views and requests to the Leadership Team of the school.

“I have been astounded by the maturity these three students have shown in carrying out their duties and immensely proud of their commitment to the school and to me.

“As the first Head Boy, Girl and Deputy for at least five years, they have set a very high standard for those students who want to follow in their footsteps and I will definitely miss their hard work and support.”

Having secured improved ICT facilities for the Sixth Form, they are busy working with different groups of students on fundraising activities to raise money for further improvements to our facilities.

Penny writes: “When i was appointed Head Girl of Calder High and Sixth form, I was appointed to be a role model to students, a leader, and an ambassador.

“Knowing that this is my role brings me great pride, as Calder High has nurtured me from when I started in Year Seven, right through to Year 13. I owe a great deal to my school and it gives me great pleasure that I can give back to it, using the very skills they have taught me.

“Myself and Head Boy Jujin embrace fully the responsibility we have been given to represent the voice of the students, we respect the weight of our duties and by working together and with the headteacher we are striving to better Calder High, and to promote a brilliance that we firmly believe Calder High possesses.”