Calder High School column: Ton up...we filled appeal shoeboxes

Calder High School shoebox collection 2014
Calder High School shoebox collection 2014

The Rotary Club Shoebox Appeal has become an integral part of Calder High School’s build up to Christmas and this year was no exception with students and staff throughout the school working together to support this fantastic cause.

Students were introduced to the Appeal during L4L lessons (Learning for Life) 

They were shown a power point presentation explaining why The Rotary Club distribute these shoeboxes and watched a short video clip of children in Eastern Europe opening the boxes.  Some of the children have never had presents before and this was stressed in the lesson as our students were encouraged to think of others less fortunate than themselves.

During the weeks that followed over 100 shoeboxes were distributed to tutor groups who worked hard to fill the with a range of goodies. 

Boxes were completed for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers.  Older people were also thought of and a number of boxes were put together for older members of communities.

As we handed them over to The Rotary Club and  helped to fill the car with boxes we were told, “Be proud of your students”. 

Together we filled over 100 boxes. We are very proud of Calder High School students.