Calder CND to hold Halifax protest against trident renewal

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Calder Valley Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) will be in Halifax town centre tomorrow (Saturday) with their replica Trident missile to protest plans to renew Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

The 16 foot missile is intended to spark discussion in the town on alternatives to nuclear spending. Parliament is set to vote on the next stage of the future of the British nuclear weapons delivery system in July, and with public opposition at an all time high, the campaigners hope to put further pressure on MPs to reject plans to replace the weapons system.

Alan South, from Halifax said “We’ve just had a budget in which welfare for disabled people, local government funding and pensions for nurses and teachers have been cut. Meanwhile they are still going to spend £183 billion on new nuclear weapons. It is just an outrageous sum of money to be spending on a weapon that we can’t ever conceivably use.

Trident is a cold war relic that should be scrapped, freeing up the money that could be used for essential public services.”

The group will be in Halifax from 12.30pm for one hour, in Woolshops Shopping Centre.