Application in for Sainsbury’s Local store

Sainsburys have put in their planning application for the Old Fire Station site
Sainsburys have put in their planning application for the Old Fire Station site

Controversial plans to build a supermarket, town houses and apartments at the former Hebden Bridge fire station site have now been submitted.

The £1.5 million proposal has been submitted by Eshton Gregory (Hebden Bridge) Limited and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited for the site on Valley Road/ Hamgingroyd Lane.

The mixed use application seeks to build a two-storey block containing a Sainsbury’s Local ( which will take up the ground floor and part of the first floor), three residential apartments (located on the first floor of the block) and five three-storey town houses (situated on the Hangingroyd Lane side of the site).

James Chapman, managing director of Eshton which previously had permission to build two commercial units comprising 318sq metres with nine apartments above and five town houses on the site, said: “Designed to the same footprint, but with a reduced number of apartments, the key aim is of regenerating a hole in the town centre with a mixed use development to complement the town centre has remained fundamental.

Mr Chapman said he was delighted that the company had secured a commitment from Sainsbury’s to provide a relatively small convenience store and hoped it would reduce the need for people to travel away from the town.

The site - currently used as a carpark for 45 vehicles - would have five parking spaces for the town houses.

Vehicles delivering to the Sainsbury’s Local, which would have a maximum size and would either be 11 metre rigid vehicles or 10.7 metre articulated vehicles, would approach from the Valley Road side. There would only be at most five deliveries a day, avoiding the busiest times, according to a transport statement on the application.

External walls would be natural stone and the roof material is proposed to be slate.

If approved, the development would create 20 full and part-time jobs.

Representations must be with Calderdale Council by Friday, February 21.