Achievements that have made a real difference

Mr Whittaker and supporters at his campaign launch
Mr Whittaker and supporters at his campaign launch

Launching his campaign to retain the Calder Valley seat, Conservative Craig Whittaker said Britain was moving in the right direction and the Party was looking to complete the job if it secured victory on May 7.

It was a record he was proud to fight the campaign on, he said.

“We can go forward proud in the knowledge of the great turnaround in our country. We have a great story to tell from picking up a nation on the brink of financial ruin to the success story it is today. Britain has the fastest growing economy of any major Western nation; there are now 1.9 million more people in work than in 2010; we have reduced the deficit by half as a share of national income; and we have a long-term economic plan that is working,” said Craig.

“From a nation where ‘benefits’ prohibited people from work and unemployment was rising, to a nation where we have the highest number of people employed in our history.

“From a nation where we accepted poor educational attainment and were content to be 26th in the world at English (our own language), to a nation where our educational reforms are driving improved standards.

“From a nation where the standard of care at Mid-Staffordshire was acceptable in our NHS, to a nation where we now have over 9,500 more doctors and 7,000 more nurses and a better funded NHS than in 2010.

“We have a great story to tell and we should be proud to tell it. Proud of what this Government has achieved.”