Accidental death ruling at tragic Sarah’s inquest

A CORONER has recorded a verdict of accidental death at the inquest of a woman who died in a balcony fall in Singapore last year.

Thursday, 1st December 2011, 11:20 am

Sarah Royle, of Hebden Bridge, had been out celebrating England’s football World Cup victory over Slovenia with friends before she fell to her death.

At the inquest held in Singapore, the coroner said the most likely scenario was that she had accidentally fallen from the rooftop terrace on the fourth floor of an apartment block.

Sarah’s sisters Jo and Premsa, who travelled to Singapore for the inquest, said that despite it being “deeply saddening and horrible”, they now feel a sense of closure.

“We are happy with what we were told,” Jo said.

“It’s a weight off our mind to know that nothing sinister happened to poor Sarah.

“It’s such a waste of a life, a horrible accident that could have been avoided.

“We wish she was still here.”

Sitting through the hearing and listening to what happened the night she died has brought back the sense of grief for Jo and Premsa.

“There was some photographic evidence shown. A police officer had taken some pictures where it happened,”Jo said.

“We didn’t want to look at them but we accidentally saw a few of the pictures. It was very upsetting.”

She criticised the media coverage in Singapore for making them think something untoward had happened to Sarah.

“Their articles filled us with fear for what may have happened to Sarah,” she said.

While in Singapore for the hearing Jo, Premsa, their partners and children, and Sarah’s boyfriend Chris Scrimshaw visited the apartment block where she died. They placed a white arched lily at the scene.

“It was a horrible feeling there,” Jo said.

They also left some ribbons where they were staying so that Sarah’s friends could see them.

“Even though it was really hard out in Singapore, it was really good that we were all there for each other,” Jo said.

“We were doing what Sarah would have wanted and that’s be happy. She wouldn’t want us to wallow and be upset.

“It is such a tragedy, one we will never get over.

“I do feel better in my mind now I know what happened, but not in my heart. Losing Sarah is still unbelievable.

“Although the future feels bleak, I am going to strive towards happiness, to follow my dreams and to do whatever it is that I love to do.”