A variety of reasons to attend Potato Day

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Calder Valley Organic Gardeners will host their annual Potato Day at Mytholmroyd Cricket Club on February 27.

The event will feature 38 different varieties, both organic and non-organic, including a new blight-resistant potato grown by experienced farmer Laurence Hasson.

By using organic seeds, his company can increase the purity of their produce and help sustain the health of the environement.

Laurence has been growing organic potatoes for more than 40 years and was the first farmer to grow a commercial certified crop of organic seed potatoes in the UK in 1993.

He has worked as a specialist advisor for The Organic Advisory Service and was managing the production and distribution oforganic seed potatoes for Bioselect UK from 1999 to 2014.

He is the company director of Leary’s Organic Seeds, based in Somerset. He converted the family farm to organics in 1975.

The new blight resistant potatoes will be available for gardeners and allotment holders to grow this coming spring.

There will be limited tubers of his produce available for sale at the Potato Day, which will also feature children’s activities, information displays, organic cheese, a compost stall. onion sets and shallots, a plant and Sundries stalland a food and drink cafe.

Admission costs £1, which includes entry into the potato raffle.

The event runs between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

Potatoes are the fourth most important most important staple food globally.

About 365 million tonnes were produced worldwide in 2012 and on average each person eats about 100kg (220lb) every year in the UK.

For more information and an order form for postal pre-orders for collection at the event call 01422 846173.