A reel-y great catch for fishing fanatic

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A keen angler netted the catch of his life when he reeled in a monster 209lb albino catfish.

John Edwards, 75, of Harehill Avenue, Todmorden, was on a fishing trip in the River Segre, Spain with his son Antony, when he hauled in the gargantuan catch.

His rare albino catfish weighed in at a scale-busting 209lb, surpassing the magical 200lb mark and breaking the part albino world record.

Breaking the record was an added bonus for John, who’s goal for the trip was to catch one of the extremely rare fish.

“When I caught it I was amazed, but I didn’t realise I’d broken the record until an hour later. It was such a thrill, because at the time I just wanted to catch an albino.

“At the time it was a great feeling to join the 200lb club, and then to see it was an albino catfish was even better.”

But John’s record-breaking feat was short-lived when just over one hour later fellow fisher Tom Herron, from Cornwall, hooked and landed another part albino fish, weighing in at 221lb, beating John’s effort by 12lb.

“It’s very rare to catch two albino’s together and the record will take some beating,” John added.